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Lena, from a good family, inherited money from her family and the appropriate friends. Paul is just the opposite. He comes from a family where crime is a daily occurrence. However, he was able to break away from the circles and began a new life with Lena. However, his past keeps catching up with him. He often feels inferior to Lena. After Lena tried to convince Paul to move to Paris to start a new life, everything changed for the worse and they parted.


This situation changes her life completely. Both begin compensating to get over the pain. Both in different, again very opposite directions. Paul takes his life into his own hands, makes a career and lives the lifestyle that Lena set an example for him back then. Lena slips into addiction. Starts drinking because she can't handle her emotions. Drown her in alcohol. When Lena bumps into her old jet set friend in the park, her life changes again. But why is this friend helping her? They haven't seen each other for years and actually Lena couldn't really stand them? What secret does this friend hold? Lena starts a part-time job and supposedly meets Paul there. He was in a motorcycle accident and doesn't seem to remember anything. But is it actually Paul? Or is it the identical twin brother Hendrik that Lena has never heard of? Old feelings overcome her. Did her old friend and attending doctor set it all up to get the two back together, or does she really not know about any of this. Each of the characters carries a secret with them. Which will show up for some sooner or later.


Produced by Redbridge Production, All Rights Reserved, 2023 - Germany

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