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After Lena tried to convince Paul to move to Paris to start a new life, everything changed for the worse. Now, 2 years later, after the breakup. Lena and Paul see each other again. Is there a chance for reconciliation? A story about love, new beginnings and decisions. ​

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The story is about a woman who is convinced that she found her sister. After losing her through a car accident, now years later. She finds a woman who does look like her and kidnaps her. Will she find out who she really is?

Martin's mother denies her illness to her son. His father breaks the silence when Martin turns 13. The birthday party ends with the words ``Leukaemia``. Martin flees into the forest, the sphere finds him. 3 years have passed, Yuri gives in to his weaknesses and loses the bond with his son. Omar is chosen by the sphere. Martin has to act.

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A disturbing black comedy about two old friends plotting an escape to Canada from a "senior's game preserve" in the United States of the near future. Written for the screen and directed by John Bolton, based on the short story by Thomas King. Starring Gordon Tootoosis, Alex Diakun, Shirley Broderick, Mark Redksy, Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Brendan Penny, and Robert Clarke.

A classical music hockey film, featuring the University of British Columbia Women's Hockey Team, skating to "Flame" by Jordan Nobles and "Through Walls" by Jennifer Butler, as performed by the Turning Point Ensemble.

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From Sharia law to Women's rights. How have women managed to fight back in the heart of a bitterly theocratic state? Who are these women? What are their stories? Women on the Front Line tries to answer these questions by talking to women’s rights activists who have been in the thick of the struggle for gender equality in Iran. The film, the first of its kind, is the brainchild of Sheema Kalbasi, the Iranian poet and human rights activist.

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 A story about faith and life. We tell the story of an extraordinary priest whom we accompany for a day to get glimpses of his working life, his spirituality, which are authentic witnesses of Christian life and convey his personality.

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The story is about a love triangle. In the course of the story, the originally equal relationship becomes a constellation that gets into a state of imbalance, so that one of the two women attracts attention or things to fall, that the other one gets more attention. She develops insecurity in the relationship and tries to attract more attention in the process. As the other woman secretly recognizes this. A subtle conflict creates. Where the relationship begins to waver.



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