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-The Encounter | Series

Fantasy | AMIRA in development

90 mim


Lena and Paul are an unlikely couple. Lena is from a good family. Money inherited from family and appropriate friends. Paul is just the opposite. He comes from a family where crime was a part of life.

However, he was able to break away from the circles and begin a new life with Lena. However, his past keeps catching up with him. He often feels inferior to Lena. When she wants to move to Paris, old fears surface, and he reacts with aggression. The two separate. It was love for both of them. They miss each other very much but don't find each other.

Amira was drafted into the Black Sun, an army of elite soldiers, when she was just 10 years old. After being put through their crucial training for the next 7 years of her life, she gets deployed at her first battle in the plains.


It was a bloodbath with endless casualties for both sides. Seeing the horrors of war and her fallen friends on the battlefield, she deserts. Traumatized and scared, she ends up at a small fishing village, where the innkeeper takes her in.

Thriller | SHIFTING SKIES | Feature - Pre-Production - 90 min

SHIFTING SKIES is a Memento-esque thriller in which nothing, even the identity of the protagonists, is as it seems. The film opens with a newly married couple, William and Stella Barber, riding on a motorbike through beautiful, undulating countryside. We have the impression of the perfect honeymoon, the perfect love affair.

William’s world unravels when he wakes up the next day to find his wife missing and her social media presence deleted.

Stella Barber simply ceases to exist. With his sanity coming into question, William is on the verge of giving up the hunt for Stella when an injured woman called “Emma Wickham” turns up in hospital looking just like his missing wife. Who is she, and why is she terrified of William?




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